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Why should you use concrete for your next construction project? Well why should you not when it offers so many advantages?

In many settings of construction endeavors, concrete is highly valued because it is a durable material that is suitable for almost any structure. This durability is also what makes it low maintenance. Repair is not commonly necessary unless you have used it for many years. Moreover, even if it is not inexpensive on its own, the long-term value that you will get from it makes it cost effective. Concrete is also made to last for a long time, both in residential and commercial applications.

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Our Services

Concrete Residential Services

Nearing thirty years in service, there is not another concrete contractor in Lincoln Park that can deliver you with more robust residential concrete services than our company. Our concrete services are not limited to new home development. We also offer services that would cater to additional constructions in your existing home, as well as repair, renovations, and resurfacing. 

Our company offers a wide range of residential concrete solutions that will surely cover your needs. We build solid concrete foundations, concrete driveways, patios, floorings, and many more. 

Some residential owners think that many of these concrete works are doable without professional assistance. It is commonly misunderstood that concrete projects are easy. The truth is, they are not. At many points in a project, even the smallest ones, mistakes can cost you a lot of time and hassle along with damages. Mixing, pouring, and forming concrete is not as easy as it looks. It would take more than just basic knowledge to achieve success in concrete work. The details lying behind the preparation and planning are crucial ate every step of the way. Any misstep in the smallest processes can lead to bigger future problems if done without expert assistance. Accuracy and precision in concrete work takes years to develop. It is not something that you can learn over the weekend. 

Therefore, if you have pending concrete work in the near future, it is highly advisable that you hire a professional concrete company in Lincoln Park. Save yourself from the backbreaking work and the possible problems and hassle. Trust the experts!

You can count on our services for top quality work for your foundations, poured walls, concrete flooring, concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, patios, swimming pools, pool decks, fire pits and so much more. 

For inquiries, you can reach our line at 313-889-7953.

Concrete Driveways

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If you drive a car daily, it will be vital to have a proper driveway in your residential property. This will ensure your easy access to your house. At the same time, this gives your vehicle an appropriate area where you can also park it when your garage is not available. There are many materials from which driveways are made from. Among the common ones are dirt, gravel, and concrete. There is nothing inherently wrong with having a dirt or gravel driveway. However, if you ask us, this is not our first choice. It is true that they are cheaper to have installed in the first place. However, with the extensive and frequent maintenance that needs to be done for them, you may start questioning if your initial savings were worth it. It might be time for you to talk to a concrete company in your area. If you choose a concrete driveway instead, there will be less need to have it maintained. Concrete driveways are expected to last for 30 to 40 years, so you can be sure that you will get the most of what you paid for. Choose among the trusted concrete companies in Lincoln Park. Call us at 313-889-7953.

Concrete Patios

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Your patio can be one of the most beautiful spots in your home. Therefore, it must be carefully planned in such a way that it will align with your wants and goals. Ideally, you should use concrete for a project like this. If you will be using concrete, you must have it handled by the professionals from among the Lincoln Park concrete contractors you can trust.
There are infinite possibilities as to how your patio can turn out. If you are fonder of somewhat laidback activities, you might want to have something like a hot tub as an amenity of your patio. However, if you would rather have one that will be great for parties and gatherings with family and friends, it would be best to design one that has a lot of flat space.
It will be difficult to plan, prepare, and execute all these well on your own especially if you do not have experiences in working with concrete. Moreover, it is too risky to make mistakes that can affect the overall quality of the project. With, we strongly recommend hiring a professional and reliable concrete contractor in Lincoln Park for a project like this. Call us at 313-889-7953.

Concrete Pool and Surroundings

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There are many benefits to having a swimming pool right in the comfort of your home. Just imagine having the privilege to enjoy a hot summer’s day without having to go far and bring your stuff. Moreover, it is always enjoyable to have some friends over to enjoy and share the summer fun. So, if you are considering having a pool constructed, concrete should be your first choice. This should be among the many services of your favored concrete company in Lincoln Park.
Aside from concrete, other materials that are now used to make pools are fiberglass and vinyl liner. However, concrete is undoubtedly more durable and easier to work with compared to any of these. Moreover, you can expect that a concrete pool would last much longer than any of these other two.
Aside from the practical benefits of using concrete, another advantage of this is in terms of appearance. Compared to both vinyl liner and fiberglass, the shapes and forms that you can make with concrete is more diverse. Therefore, it will be easy to adjust it to the shape and dimensions you prefer.
Get started on the concrete swimming pool of your dreams today by calling a concrete contractor in Lincoln Park. Dial 313-889-7953 now!

Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

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You would need a reliable and safe access to the various parts of your property. This can be brought to you by the sidewalks and walkways that you will have installed. It is not enough for the sidewalks and walkways to serve their purpose of giving people a place to walk on. They also need to be safe. Moreover, it would be a plus if they are also given aesthetic considerations since they are a part of your property. Your trusted Lincoln Park concrete company would know all the things to account for in this regard.
Even if you are using mainly concrete for your walkway, its looks are not limited to their natural gray color. There are many readily available methods for you to give more character to your sidewalk, even if they will not be the center of attention in your property. Various methods of staining, dyeing, and applying paint can be applicable to your sidewalks. For an added texture, stamping is an option too. Aside from that, their styles, designs, and layout would matter too in terms of being functional.
It would be best to consult a local Lincoln Park concrete contractor to help you design and construct your walkways. Call us at 313-889-7953.

Concrete Flooring

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Your floor is not always the most noticeable part of the structure of your house. Well, it does not have to be. However, it still must be made and designed elegantly and properly so that they can match the rest of the house. Choosing concrete can give you many options in this aspect. Aside from these, concrete flooring has many practical advantages which can be owed to the durability of concrete. A concrete contractor in Lincoln Park can help you with all your concrete flooring needs, from the technical aspects, to the aesthetic considerations.
There is no better choice than concrete if you want durable and reliable flooring that would not need major repairs even through many years. Concrete is hard and almost as solid as rock. There are not much maintenance measures needed for it, except for applying sealers every few years.
Apart from the practical advantages of concrete, your Lincoln Park-based concrete contractor would also offer you many options on the many ways in which it can be designed. We all know of stylish flooring like hardwood, tiles, and linoleum. However, there are more colors and patterns that are only possible with concrete. Contact us at 313-889-7953 today for more information.

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing

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Concrete is among the most durable materials out there. It requires so little maintenance. If the preparation and pouring is done right, it can have the consistency comparable to rock. Structures that are built with concrete are expected to last for many years. However, due to multiple reasons, there will still be some need to repair concrete. This is common for structures exposed to wear and tear, such as concrete driveways. Time may come that you would need services for concrete repairs in Lincoln Park.
Some of the common signs which may indicate the need for repair are cracks. Often, these develop not only because of weight bearing, or stress, but because of lapses or disproportions on the concrete mix. Other problems that you may notice are unevenness of surfaces, scaling, and changes in color.
In the construction phase, poor subgrade preparation and bad placement strategies can cause these damages to happen. Some natural occurrences like serious weather conditions especially during placement may also have deleterious effects on concrete quality.
Sometimes, you would need full resurfacing rather than just repair. These are decisions that you can make with the help of a concrete company near you. For concrete repairs and resurfacing, call us now at 313-889-7953.

Stamped Concrete

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Concrete is a practical and durable material. This practicality does not mean that it cannot be made decorative and stylish. You do not have to stick to the gray and flat appearance of your driveways, pathways, pool decks, or retaining walls. Concrete stamping is a creative yet simple way of adding flair to your structures. Come talk to us if you want to know about the service we offer for stamped concrete in Lincoln Park.
Having your concrete stamped means adding some style for your property. This process gives the concrete patterns or textures. Some of these can make the concrete look like wood, stone, tile, slate, flagstone, and many others. This is a much economical option than buying each of these kinds of flooring. Stamping concrete goes beyond simply adding textures to the concrete. The process would also involve the addition of colors. Usually, at least two kinds of color are used. The first is the base color, and the other one is the accent color. Multiple shades are necessary to better resemble the texture it is patterned after. Moreover, concrete lasts longer than the structures mimicked by stamping.
If you need a stamped concrete company in Lincoln Park, call us at 313-889-7953.

Concrete Staining

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Concrete is naturally gray when no other additives are added. This color is mostly due to cement, which derives its gray color from its base, the iron ore, which is black. Mixing black with other materials makes gray. This color is not exactly the most attractive or most vibrant shade out there. Many property owners prefer to have their concrete colors through methods like staining. Concrete staining is usually available from many concrete contractors near you.
The shade you should choose for staining should be something the matches or complements the color your house already has. For example, if your house has earth tones, your stained concrete must also have the same theme. Other color families that are popularly used in staining are deep tones, pastels, and neutrals. However, you may also have more vibrant ones according to your preferences. Aside from the shades, methods of application of the stain can be varied to produce patterns and designs.
Staining is not expensive, yet it will make your residential property look like a million bucks. If you are having your floor stained, it will also be great to avail of polishing too. Call us, your local Lincoln Park concrete company at 313-889-7953 for all your concrete staining needs.

Concrete Cutting and Polishing

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Near the end of a concrete project, there are things that must be done before the structure is considered final and ready for use. After most of the concrete has dried and hardened, it is common that the surface is not as even or smooth as you would have liked it to be. However, this is part of the process and can be remedied easily by finishing processes like cutting and polishing. Service like these are often provided by your favored Lincoln Park concrete company, along with other basic concrete solutions.
Sometimes, excess concrete on the surface needs to be removed to smoothen it. This process can be accomplished by cutting. This is done in a precise manner, using especially designed tools so that only the parts that are needed to be removed are cut off. This process should only be done by a skilled and experienced professional.
After cutting, it would be prudent to consider giving the surface of your concrete a glossy finish. This can be accomplished by concrete polishing, which employs the use of abrasives to produce a shiny and even surface.
Have some professionals from a Lincoln Park concrete company help you accomplish these tasks. Contact us at 313-889-7953.

Concrete pathways

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Outdoor pathways in your residential property are crucial for the function they serve. They provide you a reliable access around your house without having to step on your lawn. When designed and styled properly, they can also serve as aesthetic additions to your house. Pathways are best made with concrete. Ask a concrete company in your area on how your residential pathways can be made both practical and stylish.
The style that your pathway should sport is something that properly matches what is existing on your property, so that everything can come together looking harmonized. For example, if your property has a lot of contemporary geometric shapes, maybe it would be better to have a straight pathway or one with more defined edges. If your house has a timeless design, curved pathways with stamped concrete may go well with it.
If you already have a pathway in your house, but you are thinking of redesigning it, this is also an option. You do not have to live with your gray and flat pathway forever. You can have it stained, dyed, or painted. Resurfacing and stamping is also an option.
Feel free to talk to a concrete contractor in Lincoln Park. Call us at 313-889-7953.

Concrete house and car port slabs

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Your residential property, including where you park your car needs nothing less than a stable ground. Therefore, having concrete house and cart port slabs is a prudent to decision to make. Getting the right proportions and techniques right for making concrete slabs would not be possible as a DIY job. A lot of mistakes could be made. Therefore, it would be ideal for you to have a concrete company in Lincoln Park help you with your residential concrete slab needs.
Having a concrete slab floor beneath you could be a great source of comfort. A concrete slab by far the most stable among the kinds of flooring there are. They would not squeak or degrade like a hardwood floor. Moreover, they also offer improvement in your home heating, as well as some energy savings. They can provide good insulation, giving you reliable heating in the cold winter nights and reducing the strain from your heating systems.
For your car ports, concrete is nothing short of ideal. There are very suitable in bearing the weight of your car, without being damaged after years of use. In case of some sunken spots, it can be easily repaired by a concrete contractor in Lincoln Park.
Call us today at 313-889-7953 for more information.

Concrete Retaining walls

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If you are in an area where the land is rolling, or where there are prominent slopes, it is prudent to consider having retaining walls built. Retaining walls will be a special and important safety structure if you are in such locations. But aside from keeping your property safe, having additional concrete work also means more opportunities to add designs to your residential property. Have a concrete company in your area assist you with the construction of retaining walls as well as its designing.
Retaining walls provide support to your structure from the side, where erosion is most likely to happen for slopes. Exposed soil that are oriented vertically are at high risk of collapse from lack of support and with the pull of gravity. Concrete retaining walls provide a strong lateral support that can protect you, your house, and other adjacent structures. Usually, concrete is used in combination with metals and wood reinforcements to further strengthen the structure. Combined with the working skills of professionals, your safety can be guaranteed.
If you want, these walls can be stamped and stained to have more color and a characteristic texture.
Contact a good concrete contractor in Lincoln Park now. Call us at 313-889-7953.

Concrete Foundations

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Your house cannot properly stand without adequate support from the ground. This emphasizes the need for a strong, reliable, and stable foundation. Ideally, the foundation should be able to pass the weight of the structure to the ground. Therefore, concrete is an ideal material to use. A local and reliable concrete company near you can help walk you through the basics of having a concrete foundation for your new home development.
Foundations used for homes are classified as shallow. This is relative to the deeper foundations that are needed for multistory skyscraper buildings. The studies of making foundations heavily rely on physics and engineering. Therefore, the way foundations are explained to property owners is based on science.
The foundation is the single most important structure of the house building that will provide most of its stability. Therefore, it must be able to properly transfer the load of the house’s mass to the soil beneath. Moreover, it must be constructed well enough to protect the house from floods, earthquakes, and strong winds.
Poured concrete is a must for residential foundation applications. Call a concrete contractor in Lincoln Park today to know more about what kind of foundations will be good for your purpose. Dial 313-889-7953 now!

Concrete Fire Pits

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Bonfires are not limited to camp sites and beach sides anymore. If you have a proper and safe fire pit in your home, you can enjoy an open fire in a safe manner right in the comfort of your home. Having a fire pit adds a special flair to small gatherings, giving everyone warmth, comfort, and an opportunity to toast some marshmallows. Among the materials that can be used for fire pits, concrete is among the most practical and safest to use. This is a customizable structure that can be made for you by any of your trusted concrete companies in Lincoln Park.
Concrete has the unique characteristic of being a fire retardant. While it can accumulate heat, it can contain the flames and keep them from spreading. Therefore, there is less danger when having an open fire with a concrete pit.
In terms of designing, concrete can be made into various shapes and configurations. Therefore, your have liberty of choosing the shape and size of a concrete fire pit that would fit your needs. Additionally, it can also be stained, painted, dyed, and stamped for additional design.
Your best weekends are one concrete fire pit away. Call your trusted Lincoln Park concrete contractor now at 313-889-7953.

Frequent Asked Questions

No. Concrete and cement are not one and the same. Rather, cement is one of the many components of concrete. Concrete is formed from the mixture of cement with aggregates like sand, stones, gravel, and water. Cement is the grayish powder in the mix. This is made from components like iron ore and ground lime and clay. When the ingredients of cement are mixed together, a chemical reaction known as hydration takes place. This forms the gray paste-like material that we know as wet concrete. This is the same mass which will harden and solidify to form the hard concrete we know.

Yes, concrete is not confined to only one kind. Many kinds of concrete can be produced by simple alterations in the amount and proportions of its specific ingredients. This can result in either harder or more workable and flexible concrete, depending on what you need. While most concrete is recyclable and eco-friendly, there are also special concrete types which are made so that they do not disrupt the ecosystems to much. An example of this is the innovative concrete which allows the passage of water through it. This allows the water to drain directly into the soil, preventing any flooding.

Yes, if you are not a concrete contractor yourself, you most likely do. Aside from having more than the basic knowledge of concrete as well as the techniques to handle it, working with concrete would also necessitate you having the right tools and equipment. If you have no prior experience of even the right equipment, there are many things that can go wrong. This can cost you a lot in repair in the future. Moreover, even the preparation that needs to be done, like readying the site will need equipment and skilled laborers. Concrete work is one of those things where DIY is not ideal.

Concrete can set in the rain, but it will NOT set properly in the rain. One might think that it is okay to have the poured concrete rained on since it has water anyway. However, this is wrong. Water must only be in the right proportions to work well in the mix. Aside from that, it is also imperative that proper mixing is done, or else, the water would not be able to react properly. If there is weather forecast about a significant raining event, it will be better to reschedule. Otherwise, your contractor should have a tarp ready just in case.

Yes, painting is an option for concrete. No, concrete does not always have to be gray and dull. But given the special properties of concrete, it is prudent that special kinds of paint are used so that the paint can adhere properly. Elastomeric paints of masonry paints are the ones that are designed to work best with concrete. These paints have special additive that make them capable of stretching and contracting with the concrete underneath. Paints like this usually have thicker consistencies due to their added ingredients. It will be better to apply them using roller since the additives clogs sprayers.

Most of the time, more than one reason can be pointed as to why concrete cracks. It is easy to think that acute strong forces are the ones that cause this. However, impacts hardly have effect on the concrete unless substantial enough. Among the more feasible reasons why concrete cracks are inconsistencies in the preparation and mixing. Imprecision in the amounts of the ingredients of the concrete can compromise the strength of the concrete. Having too much or too little water in the mix can be detrimental. Excessive water can cause the wet to have greater volume that it will have after drying, causing greater shrinkage. 

You must allow your concrete driveway to cure for almost two weeks or at least 10 days before you can drive on it. If you need to park on it, you must wait for at least a month, especially if you have a big and heavy car. During the first day after pouring, it is advised not to walk on it because it can deform. Even children and pets must be kept away. Within seven days since pouring, the concrete would have gotten almost 90 percent of its potential strength. However, it remains vulnerable for a few more weeks thereafter.

Concrete sealers provide you with a simple yet reliable way to protect your concrete from normal wear and tear, moisture, and even damaging chemical spills. This are easy to use and they can be applied and reapplied as infrequent as 2 years to 5 years. The sealer itself can have different ingredients. The most used in many settings is acrylic. This is inexpensive and is often readily available in hardware stores. Other options are penetrating resins, polyurethane, or epoxy. Applying the sealing is not backbreaking work, but it can help extend the time that your concrete is in good appearance and condition.

Yes, it is not uncommon for concrete to be affected by the weather. Temperature if the aspect of weather which affects concrete the most especially during placement. Some amount of heat is needed for the reaction between water and cement to take place. High temperatures have effects on the behavior and stability of concrete. The temperature of concrete can easily drop when it is being poured in a cold environment. In situations like this, the concrete can freeze prematurely before the concrete has sufficiently hardened. Therefore, the concrete structure cannot reach the full strength that it is meant to have.

There are trade-offs when choosing cheaper options, and this is something that you may encounter in choosing between concrete and asphalt. While you may have some initial savings for an asphalt driveway, a concrete driveway would cost less in total in the long run. This is because compared to asphalt, concrete does not need as much maintenance. In just a few months after it was initially placed, you would already need to be sealed. Moreover, since asphalt is generally less hard than concrete, it is more easily damaged, and you would need to pay for its repair services more often.

The proportions of the concrete mix are usually the basis of the baseline characteristics of the concrete you are using. Concrete has many ingredients. The components that are accounted for in measuring proportions are the cement, rock, and sand. In total, the mix is divided into seven parts. The proportion that is often applicable for most situations is the 4-2-1 mix proportion. One part of this is composed of cement, two parts for sand, and the remaining four parts are that of crushed rock. This mix is good for most settings. Modifications in the amount of rock are sand can be changed if needed.

Yes, it is. Concrete is known to be an environmentally sustainable material because it is recyclable. Concrete itself and its byproducts can be reused and recycled. At any given point in the existence of concrete, recycling is possible. For example, in the manufacturing of concrete, some waste materials like ashes and furnace slags are produced. These are not thrown out as they can be sources of pollution. However, they can still be added to the aggregate mix, giving them a productive purpose. Used concrete from demolished roads and buildings can also be ground again and utilized for new construction developments.

It is imperative to test concrete right after placement and even when it is still wet and unformed. Conducting specific tests this early on can help predict any possible future problems. Early detection of any errors also means that solutions and interventions can be instituted faster and earlier. Shortly after the placement of concrete, testing may already predict low strength and risk for cracking. Depending on what is deemed to be the problem, the interventions can be target as appropriate. Some examples of specific tests are measurement of air content and slump tests. These are usually part of the company’s protocol.

Stains on concrete can be unsightly and annoying. Usually, the stains are from motor oil or grease from cars and other vehicles. Fortunately, there are quick and simple home remedies to remove these stains. It will be ideal to use an appropriate chemical remover. A cheap option is sodium triphosphate, which can be easily purchased in hardware stores and supermarkets. Simply apply this on the stained surface and let it stand for about thirty minutes. After that, it is recommended to apply warm water with concurrent brushing of the concrete surface. An alternative to sodium triphosphate is simple household laundry detergent.

Yes, concrete requires maintenance. Keep in mind that concrete is known to be a very durable material. While it may need maintenance, it is worth noting that the maintenance it will need will not be as extensive as what must be done for other construction materials. Simple cleaning is part of the maintenance strategies. These can be done by powerwahers to remove dirt. Stains, on the other hand, can be rubbed off with special products like detergents or sodium triphosphate. If you are having issues with cracks or chips, have a professional from your concrete contractor to assess the structure for possible repair.

Concrete has many ingredients. Among its components, the material which confers the gray color is cement. Therefore, a substantial amount of cement makes concrete gray. On the other hand, cement gets it gray color from its components also. Among these components is iron ore. However, iron ore itself is black. When this substance is mixed with other substances like clay and lime to produce cement, the gray color is produced. Not many people love this gray color of concrete and cement. Thankfully, many options are available to change this hue. The options for coloring concrete include dyeing, concrete staining, and painting.

No, concrete does not become stronger by the drying out process per se. We know that concrete cannot be made without water. This is because water plays a major role in the chemical reaction that produces the stable and hard characteristic of concrete. Water, when mixed with cement reacts in the process called hydration. Here, compounds and crystal lattices are formed, which allow the trapping of the aggregate materials like crushed rock and sand in the mix. This chemical reaction strengthens the concrete. Therefore, while there is still some of this reaction taking place, concrete will continue to gain strength.