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Concrete Staining Lincoln Park

Concrete is naturally gray when no other additives are added. This color is mostly due to cement, which derives its gray color from its base, the iron ore, which is black. Mixing black with other materials makes gray. This color is not exactly the most attractive or most vibrant shade out there. Many property owners prefer to have their concrete colors through methods like staining. Concrete staining is usually available from many concrete contractors near you.

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The shade you should choose for staining should be something the matches or complements the color your house already has. For example, if your house has earth tones, your stained concrete must also have the same theme. Other color families that are popularly used in staining are deep tones, pastels, and neutrals. However, you may also have more vibrant ones according to your preferences. Aside from the shades, methods of application of the stain can be varied to produce patterns and designs.

Staining is not expensive, yet it will make your residential property look like a million bucks. If you are having your floor stained, it will also be great to avail of polishing too. Call us, your local Lincoln Park concrete company at 313-889-7953 for all your concrete staining needs.

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